Tribute to David B Treadway, AR Radio Legend

Just recently, we lost a member of the US97 family. David B Treadway passed away on Friday, February 7, 2020, due to complications from cancer.

David B was many things: friend, father, husband, colleague, animal lover, accomplished musician, and Arkansas radio legend. His love for radio was fueled by his devotion to his listeners. Because of them, he held radio to its highest standard: Entertain, Inform, and Make People Smile! We will always remember his keen intellect, dry humor, down home wisdom, sense of fairness, and that incredible voice.

Thank you, David B, for the laughter, joy, and the lives you touched. You will always be in our hearts.

Please take just a moment to comment below, and share your memories of David B Treadway. 


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  1. Sheilia Lovil

    I will miss you always❣️ You taught me a lot about radio back in the old KAAY days on 7th street.
    Then me moved to Cottondale & I learned more ❣️ You were always a really good friend to me and that will
    always be in my heart ❣️ I always loved when your band played for us at the White Water Tavern ..
    The angels have you & your wit now but you will always be with us ❣️❣️Peace & Love Be With You and
    All Who Knew You ❣️❣️

  2. Barry McCorkindale

    Without a doubt, one of the most interesting/fascinating people I’ve ever met. Completely unflappable, quick with the word and wit. And that voice. And a pretty good musician to boot. Also, he was the program director who hired me for my first radio job in 1984. I’ll miss the incomparable David B. Treadway.

  3. Super C

    I am going to miss his golden voice. He shared a few stories about radio with me the handful of times we spoke. Guys like him are role models for guys like myself. It isn’t being legend like David B. They don’t make them like him anymore.

  4. Suzanne Lilley Sakevicius

    We shared a friendship for over 40 years. And worked together at a few stations. Each time we “reunited” our friendship picked right back up. I’ll never forget how you used to say, “Lilley, are you old enough to be wearing them shoes?” And how you would check my glove box to see if I had gloves in there. You were laid back as they come. And a fantastic musician. It was a honor to be your friend. Rest In Peace. Oh and thanks for explaining what “continental clothes” were.

  5. Sandra Hathcock

    David was a friend, entertainer and Cuz of my husband, Marvin Hathcock of whom he told plenty of stories about even on the air as he was working.
    Marvin and I dated in high school and we would have gatherings at my house. He would claim ownership of the stereo. We would have all the new 45’s of that day. He would spin those records and give an interesting fact or two. He’d tell me that was his first taste of being a DJ !!

  6. Kathie Talbert

    I didn’t know Mr. Treadway as well as most of you did. But as a cashier at Kadi’s Korner, in Friendship, for over 9 years … I had the great joy of Mr. Treadway’s dog food and smokes runs. My favorite memories were of his handwriting.. he had the prettiest handwriting of any man I ever met. I’d always have him sign his credit receipt, then comment on his pretty handwriting, only to have him to tell me to hush up. I missed him long before he gained his wings… rest in peace my friend.. tell my Albert I love him and miss him.

  7. Kenneth Jones

    David B Treadway, wow the man was loved and respected by all myself included. He was a true representation of what it’s like to love your job and the folks you worked with. He had some golden pipes a voice that was a gift from God. Now I honestly can say I’m blessed he landed at US97 with a great group of folks from Vicki V, Pat O and others. God has got his hands full with this Angel here. God Bless the family, friends and others who knew him, give us strength and comfort to enjoy life each day like it’s our last AMEN!

  8. Linda Bush

    My Fabulous David B. I am honored that I got to know you personally. So humble, give you the shirt off his back, quick wit, and as everyone is saying… That voice! And then the bubble wrap. You loved popping that stuff. So one day, I gathered up all the bubble wrap I could find and covered your desk in it! Rest in Peace. You live on in our hearts. Thank you for the memories.

  9. Teresa Duran

    The voice of all RADIO. I guess every station he was on and I have listened to at one point and time. It was his deep voice that caught my attention. I never met him personally but know alot of people from Friendship that he knew. Heaven has gained a LEGEND.

  10. robert fordemwalt

    Met Mr. David at the Caddo River Festival with Miss Vickie and it was a delight to a good ole visit, We always listen to David and Vickie every morning and still do. Loved hearing that great radio voice. As some earlier stated, Heaven has gained a LEGEND. Bob & Donna, Amity, AR.

  11. robert fordemwalt

    We met Mr . David and Vickie during the Caddo River Fest in 2015 and enjoyed a good ole visit. We listen to US97 every morning . Mr. David will be greatly missed to his listeners, even after he retired. Bob & Donna Amity, AR.

  12. Marl Hays

    David was a dear friend to me & Mark for decades. I will miss him for the rest of my life.
    If there’s a rock ‘n roll heaven, you know they’ve got a helluva band! Rest in Peace,
    David. The world just won’t be the same without you.

  13. Janet Howes

    I remember listening to David he was witty but also smart. He listened to the listeners of US97
    He made the morning show. He will be missed tremendously.

  14. David Whitley

    David B, touched so many people including me. I went to Ouachita H.S. with him. David was sharp as a whip! He could have done anything…he chose Radio & Music. I listened to him on various Rock n Roll stations thru the years. But, one day I turned on US97 and there he was!! I picked up the phone and called the station. David answered. I said "you know they will not let you play any Grafeful Dead on this station." David said "who is this?" I said "I grew up 5 miles West of you" David said "that would be Caney". I said "you are correct" and then I hung up the phone. Leaving him to wonder who called until the next time I saw him at Friendship. I was Facebook friends with David until he became ill and dropped out of social media. I look forward to seeing him again up above.


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